Mr. Calderón

Originating from El Salvador, Rodrigo studied the bachelor of Dramatic Arts from Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina and have since immersed himself into directing and investigating different physical art forms.


For the last 10 years he has been working as an actor, director and teacher in a range of different theatres, festivals, film productions and educational projects in Argentina, Australia, El Salvador, Indonesia, India and Malaysia. At the beginning of his career he discovered and experimented with a more physical and visceral theatre style that inspired him to explore the ritualistic aspects of theatre.


Since moving to Melbourne for love in 2015, he has followed his interests in theatre through exploring a diverse range of training methods such as: Butoh, Neutral Mask, Gaga Movement, Raung Jagat, Suzuki method, Javanese Trance and Asian Shamanic Trance Dance, with a keen interest to create a theatre that provokes necessary questions for humanity.