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We are a pleín-air theatre company renowned for innovative and extraordinary stage design, and physically arduous shows requiring enormous discipline from the performer.

All of our performances place the ensemble at the beginning of an impossible theatrical task that must be completed. The phenomenon of the ‘task’ forms the core of the
5ANGRYMen creative practise.
All audiences - of any background innately recognise what it is to attempt a task, to wrestle with it,
to complete it successfully, or to fail in the attempt.

This collective understanding is one that unites us as a species, and upon which the drama of our shows is carried. To attempt the impossible necessarily exposes the paradoxes of human nature: joy; grief; triumph; defeat; heroism; cowardice; the personal quest for power; relying on community and teamwork.

5ANGRYMen is a gender balanced, neurodiverse company that has toured the world across and
now encompasses three generations of performers and theatre-makers.

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