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A more subtle offering from 5ANGRYMen, a roving work that playfully; subtly interrupts the unspoken rules that exist between people sharing public spaces together.

The task of the ensemble in this piece is to discover what they need to do to achieve humanity.

This innovative project uses a mobile FM transmitter and multiple receivers to link the ensemble together as a single organism with the ability to behave covertly as a member of the general public but then, in an instant perform intricate choreographic sequences in unison accompanied by a mobile soundtrack.

Presenting a series of recognisable human gestural and patterns of behaviour, the ensemble go about their task unnoticed for a time among the general public of the public space in which they are performing. But as the intensity and repetition of their task increases, moments of unison appear, transforming the gestural into something larger, more abstracted - even grotesque.

An ensemble of five physical theatre performers - accompanied by a mobile soundscape - will create strange and wonderful moments of un-reality in and around the festival precinct. Moments that may catch people by surprise…..and some that may pass unnoticed to all but the most observant passer-by.

HOWtoBEhuman is a precarious task, but moreover an invitation to see the people who are around you. And then to look again…..

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